2015 Resolutions

UPDATED 10/1/2015:Emergency Late Filed resolution ELF-02-2015 has been submitted for filing. In accordance with the Conference Rules, the Board of Directors will determine at its meeting on October 8 whether the proposed resolution meets the criteria for filing and consideration at the Conference. In order to facilitate delegation consideration in the event it is approved, ELF-01-2015 is now posted here.

Late Filed resolution LF-02-2015 has been determined by the Board of Directors not to meet the criteria for late filing, specifically, criterion 2 (that the resolution could have been filed prior to the regular resolution deadline) and criterion 4 (that the subject matter, in essence, will be taken up by the Conference in connection with other, timely filed, resolutions). LF-02-2015 will NOT be considered by the Conference unless the proponent appeals the Board’s decision and the Conference grants such an appeal. The proponent has advised that he does intend to appeal the Board’s decision to the Conference. To facilitate delegations’ consideration of the appeal, the documents submitted to the Board for consideration by the proponent are posted here.

UPDATED 9/10/2015:

The Resolutions Committee report on LF-01-2015 has been published. Please download it below. Additionally, due to an error, some portions of materials were omitted in Series 11. Please download the revised Series 11 resolutions and a revised full set of resolutions below. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

UPDATED 8/23/2015:

Due to an error, several counterarguments were omitted in the published version of Resolution 09-03-2015. Please download the revised Series 9 resolutions and a revised full set of resolutions below. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

UPDATED 8/22/2015:

Late filed resolution LF-01-2015 has been approved for consideration at the Conference by the Board. Please download the resolution here or at the link below

UPDATED 8/15/2015:

Final set of resolutions including Resolutions Committee reports and recommendations and counterarguments are now posted!

*NEW* by popular demand, we have added an online resolution discussion forum – share your thoughts and concerns about your favored (and least favored) resolutions. Click here to check it out!


The official package of resolutions submitted for consideration at the 2015 Conference of Delegates can be downloaded below. Series assignment and resolution numbering is now final, except for emergency late filed resolutions that may be submitted later. 

Resolutions are provided in two formats: one batch file containing all resolutions in sequence, and separate batch files by series. Note: Late Filed (LF) and Emergency Late Filed (ELF) resolutions are only provided as separate files and are NOT included in series or batch files.

All files are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing. (Right-click links to download files, clicking on link will open files in browser for viewing.)



LF-01-2015 UPDATED 9/10/15 (includes Res Comm report)

All Resolutions By Series UPDATED 9/10/15 (to include erroneously omitted materials from Series 11) including Resolutions Committee reports and recommendations, and counterarguments (One PDF file, bookmarked by resolution and series, approx. 4.7MB)

Resolutions by Series (Separate PDF file for each series, sizes vary)

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