Board of Directors

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2018-2019 Board

ChairJennifer Kim178364
Chair-ElectJeff Lacy240819
SecretaryMatt Schechter212003
Chief Financial OfficerOliver Dunlap225566
Immediate Past ChairPhyllis Kupferstein105898
3rd Yr. Designated DirectorDarin Wessel176220
3rd Yr. Regional Director at LargeMaggie Grover112701
3rd Yr. Regional DirectorBryan Hartnell66138
3rd Yr. Regional DirectorMatthew Mallet203393
3rd Yr. Regional DirectorDavid Moore92027
3rd Yr. Regional DirectorJohn Short153374
2nd Yr. Director at LargeSarvenaz Bahar171556
2nd Yr. Director at LargeKelly Borelli161499
2nd Yr. Director at LargeCarter Glahn242378
2nd Yr. Director at LargeJack Osborn230447
2nd Yr. Diversity Director NorthUjvala Singh256639
2nd Yr. Diversity Director SouthMichele Anderson152821
2nd Yr. Regional DirectorMichael Fern235001
2nd Yr. Regional DirectorMary Cataldo174943
1st Yr. Director at LargeJeff Hayden147552
1st Yr. Regional DirectorChristopher Cooke142342
1st Yr. Regional DirectorShaun Jacobs185073
1st Yr. Regional DirectorCiarán O’Sullivan198970
1st Yr. Regional DirectorDoug Robbins219413
1st Yr. Regional DirectorScott O. Luskin238082