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There ought to be a law!

You know the problem. You research and argue the law, advocating forcefully for your client. BUT, the law just does not work. It needs some sort of change. How do you change it? Support the work of the CCBA! And get involved!

Your involvement and financial support of the CCBA make a difference! Each year local and specialty bar associations from across the State sponsor approximately 150 resolutions covering a wide-range of law-related issues for debate on the floor of the Conference held at the State Bar's Annual Meeting. If you're a lawyer and want to get involved, contact your favorite local or specialty bar association and ask when they're having their next Resolutions Committee meeting. Or, contact We're always looking for new ideas and participation.

As an independent 501(c)(6) non-profit organization, the CCBA is funded almost entirely by voluntary dues contributions that lawyers make along with their State Bar Dues. Gifts, contributions, and sponsorships from other sources are needed and gratefully accepted. If you're interested in our giving or sponsorship opportunities, please contact