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March 1, 2008


Process & Deadlines for Formation of District Development Councils (DDCs)


Formation of District Development Councils for Sacramento, San Francisco/Marin, Contra Costa-Alameda-San Mateo-Santa Clara , Los Angeles Areas and Ethnic Minority North

The three-year terms of service of the following Regional Directors end at the close of the upcoming Conference in Monterey:

From Sacramento — BORDEN WEBB

From Contra Costa — BRYCE ANDERSON

From San Francisco — MARGARET GROVER

From Los Angeles — BEA DIERINGER

From Los Angeles – KEN PETRULIS

Each of them has done an outstanding job of serving the organization and we appreciate their involvement. Now, we need your help in finding equally dedicated and qualified successors.

Under the CCBA Nominating process, a District Development Council ("DDC") of at least 5 members will be formed in each of the four districts noted above. Chaired by the outgoing Regional Director listed above, the DDC's job is to seek, consider, and recommend to the Board Nominating Committee ("BNC") qualified and interested candidates to fill the three year terms of the vacant Regional Director positions. Information about the Board positions follows.

Formation of DDC for Ethnic Minority North Vacancy

Under our bylaws, we have two Ethnic Minority Seats, one from the North part of the State and one from the South part of the State. DOREATHEA JOHNSON is our first Ethnic Minority North representative and her term also ends this year. Like the Regional DDCs, the EM North DDC will have at least five members from representative bar associations and will seek, consider, and recommend to the BNC qualified and interested candidates to fill the three-year term of the EM North position.

DDC Candidate Qualifications

In appointing members to DDCs, the Board seeks candidates who represent a cross-section of local bar associations, including, without limitation, geographic, ethnic, and women's associations. DDC candidates need to be from the State Bar districts listed above and must currently hold or have held any one of the following positions:

  1. Officer or member of the governing board of a Conference bar association or its young lawyers affiliate organization;
  2. Chair of a Conference delegation;
  3. Member of the State Bar Board of Governors, the Conference of Delegates Executive Committee or the CCBA Board; or
  4. Member of a Conference bar association who has served as a delegate or alternate delegate to the Conference or as a member of the Resolutions Committee or the Calendar Coordinating Committee for a combined total of three years.

In addition to the above, DDC nominees must certify their willingness to assess the qualifications of all candidates and to avoid favoritism or pre-commitment to any particular candidate. Members of any DDC shall not be appointed to consecutive terms, nor shall they be nominated by the DDC for consideration as a Regional Director in the year in which they serve on a DDC. A member of a DDC may be recommended to the BNC for consideration as an At- Large Director.

Resumes of Interested DDC Candidates needed by April 10, 2008

Please submit resumes of qualified and interested candidates to serve on one of the Regional DDCs and/or the Ethnic Minority North DDC to the CCBA Executive Director by April 10, 2008. Please send them via fax, e-mail or regular mail to:

Laura Goldin
3450 Sacramento Street, #521
San Francisco, California 94118
Fax: 415/751-7342

Regional Director Candidate Qualifications

In reviewing Regional and EM North Director candidates, each DDC will consider the following criteria.

  1. Experience in bar activities, including work with local, women's, and ethnic minority associations;
  2. Experience as a delegate or alternate to the Conference;
  3. Experience on Conference committees;
  4. Diversity, participation of all local, minority, statewide and specialty voluntary bar associations is encouraged;
  5. Geographic distribution; and
  6. Ability to work well with others and to devote sufficient time and energy to serving as Regional Director on the CCBA Board.

Nominated Regional Director candidates need to be prepared to commit for the next three years to attending 4-5 board meetings throughout the State, as well as the three-day Conference of Delegates held in conjunction with the State Bar Annual Meeting. (Partial reimbursement for reasonable travel expenses may be available.) In addition, Regional Directors are expected to engage in outreach by attending at least four meetings of different bar associations in their district every year, and by inviting and mentoring new delegates to the Conference. Regional Directors pay Board dues of $200 per year and are asked to support the Board's fundraising efforts at personally meaningful levels.

The steps in the Election Process are:

  1. DC Chairs to appoint DDC members and convene DDC (by April 15, 2008)
  2. DDC Chairs in conjunction with committee members for each district contact bar presidents, executive directors, and delegation chairs in their district, seeking board candidates (by May 1, 2008).
  3. DDCs deliberate and Chair submits names of candidates to Board Nominating Committee (by June 15, 2008).
  4. Board Nominating Committee recommends candidates to Board (by July 1, 2008)
  5. Board elects new members (July 12, 2008).

Thank you for your interest and assistance in helping us to find our future leaders! With your help and participation we will continue to serve Justice by improving the Law!