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2002 Resolutions


Conference of California Bar Associations

2002 Resolutions

Category 1



04-09-02 Confidentiality of Communications: Lawyer Referral Service (B&P 6155)
06-06-02 Donative Transfers: Prohibition of Transfer to Caregiver's Relatives or Employees (Probate Code 21350)
06-10-02 Limitation of Actions: DHS Recovery of Medi-Cal Benefits (CCP 366.4)
07-01-02 Judges: Converting Subordinate Judicial Officer Positions into Judgeships (Gov't Code 69616)
07-05-02 Civil Procedure: Definition of Hearing (CCP 17)
09-02-02 Release of Mechanic's Lien: Attorney's Fees (Civil Code 3154)
09-05-02 Commercial Property: Security Deposits (Civil Code 1950.7)
10-07-02 Writs of Execution: Priority for Issuing Writs for Child and Spousal Support (CCP 699.510)
11-05-02 Transportation of Medical Marijuana (Health & Safety Code 11362.5)
11-08-02 Sentencing: Requiring Third Strike To Be A Serious or Violent Felony (Penal Code 667, 1170.12)
11-10-02 Claim of Innocence Not Evidence of Unsuitability for Parole (Penal Code 3041)