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2002 Resolutions


Conference of California Bar Associations

2002 Resolutions

Category 3



01-06-02 Surety Solvency: Adding Fidelity/Surety Bond Issuers to Insurance Guarantee Association (Insurance Code 1063, 1063.1)
02-02-02 Surviving Entity in Merger - Status as Assignee of Record of Disappearing Judgment Creditor (Corporate Code 1109)
02-03-02 Franchise Actions: Venue of Action by Franchisee in County of Franchise (Corporations Code 31302.5)
02-04-02 Home Solicitation Contracts: Exemption for Architects and Engineers (Civil Code 1689.5)
02-07-02 Tax-Favored Benefit Plans: Match California to Federal Treatment (Revenue and Tax 17025)
04-06-02 State Bar Proceedings: Stay during Civil Action (B&P 6085)
05-01-02 Support Orders: Inclusion of Earnings Assignment Orders (Family Code 5230)
05-02-02 Assignment Orders: Inclusion of Attorney Fees (Family Code 5253)
05-03-02 Assignment Orders: Including Attorney's Fees and Setting Priority (Family Code 5238)
05-09-02 Child Dependency: Corroboration of Minor's Testimony (Welfare & Institutions Code 355)
06-03-02 Guardians & Conservators: Use of ATM Cards (Probate Code 2450)
06-04-02 Estates: Use of ATM Card (Probate Code 9650)
06-07-02 Trusts: Homestead from Trust Property (Probate Code 17520-17528)
07-03-02 Appellate Review of Trial Judge Challenges (CCP 170.3)
07-08-02 Arbitration Awards: Vacating for Errors of Law (CCP 1286.2)
09-01-02 Homeowner's Association: Member's Right to Inspect Records (Civil Code 1363)
11-14-02 Family Visitation for Inmates: Defining "Immediate Family" to Include Domestic Partners (Penal Code 6350)