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2002 Resolutions


Conference of California Bar Associations

2002 Resolutions




01-07-02 Unfair Competition: Multiple Penalties for Victimizing Senior Citizens or Disabled Persons (Civil Code 3345)
03-02-02 Attorney Fees: Calculation of Award in Non-Contingency Cases (Rule of Court 870.2)
03-04-02 Discovery: Monetary Sanctions for Failure to Oppose a Discovery Motion (CCP 2017, 2019, 2024, 2025, 2028, 2030, 2031, 2032, 2033)
03-05-02 Discovery: Depositions Exceeding 2 Days Or 14 Hours Presumed Unduly Burdensome (CCP 2025)
03-06-02 Discovery: Expands Definition of Abuse of Discovery (CCP 2023)
04-01-02 Bar Examination: Treaty Law
04-03-02 Minimum Continuing Legal Education: Restoration of 36-Hour Requirement (MCLE Rules & Regs 2.1)
04-05-02 Minimum Continuing Legal Education: Credit for Pro Bono Activities (MCLE Rules 4 & 5)
04-07-02 Duties of Attorneys: Length of Time to Keep Client's Files (B&P 6068)
04-10-02 Sanctions: Not Applicable to Advocacy before the Court (CCP 177.5)
04-11-02 Rules of Professional Conduct: Representation of Clients with Diminished Capacity (Rules of Professional Conduct, Rule 3-800)
05-04-02 Property: Creating Community Property with Right of Survivorship (Civil Code 682.1)
05-05-02 Domestic Partnerships: Definition of Common Residence (Family Code 297)
05-06-02 Domestic Partnerships: Definition of Persons Covered (Family Code 297)
06-01-02 Conservators: Appointment Of Independent Professional Fiduciary Or CorporateFiduciary (Probate Code 1812)
06-02-02 Administrator: Appointment Of Independent Professional Fiduciary Or Corporate Fiduciary (Probate Code 8461)
06-08-02 Intestate Succession: Inheritance Through a Child Born Out of Wedlock (Probate Code 6452)
08-01-02 Employee References: Presumed Immunity Absent Scienter or Confidentiality Breach (Civil Code 47, 47.1)
08-04-02 Unfair Labor Practices: Denial of Parental Leave for Adoptive Parents (Gov't Code 12945)
10-06-02 Summary Judgment: Non-Moving Party (CCP 437c)
10-09-02 Insured Motorist: Insurer as Agent for Service of Process (Insurance Code 11580.1)
10-10-02 Surety Bonds: Disclosure of Expenses of Procurement (CCP 995.370)
10-12-02 Anti-SLAPP motions: Intent to Chill and Attorney's Fees (CCP 425.16)
11-02-02 Vehicular Burglary: When Vehicle Doors Locked (Penal Code 459)