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2003 Resolutions


Conference of California Bar Associations

2003 Resolutions

Category 1



01-04-03 Expert Witness Discovery: Production of Documents
01-08-03 Discovery Requests: Electronic Versions
03-05-03 Trusts: Request For Special Notice by Non-beneficiary
03-10-03 Financial Abuse of Mentally Impaired Elders: Declaration Signers
04-02-03 Death Penalty: Mental Retardation
04-03-03 Death Penalty: Abolition
04-04-03 Federal Immigration Laws: Enforcement by California Authorities
04-07-03 Sentencing: Community Service In Lieu of Restitution For Homeless Offenders
05-02-03 Preliminary Title Reports: Admonition to Consumers
06-01-03 Dying: California Death With Dignity Act
06-08-03 Public Contractors: Equal Benefits for Spouses and Domestic Partners
06-14-03 Motor Vehicle Drivers' Liability Insurance: Minimum Coverage
06-15-03 Motor Vehicle Owners' Liability Insurance: Minimum Coverage
06-16-03 Motor Vehicle Owners: Limitation of Liability
07-02-03 Unlicensed Securities Broker: Automatic Rescission or Damage Claim
07-04-03 Securities Fraud Actions: Statute of Limitations
08-08-03 Child Support Actions: Vocational Rehabilitation Evaluations
09-07-03 Small Claims Court: Increase Jurisdiction to $10,000
11-03-03 Summary Judgment: Filing Deadlines For Opposition and Reply