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2003 Resolutions


Conference of California Bar Associations

2003 Resolutions

Category 2



01-01-03 Consumer Records Subpoenas: Service Sequence and Definition of "Custodian"
01-02-03 "Custodian of Employment Records": Labor Organizations
01-06-03 Physical Examinations: Time Limit on Motions to Compel
01-10-03 Enforcement of Judgments: Third Party Claims
03-11-03 Financial Abuse of Mentally Impaired Elders: Declaration Form
03-14-03 Undue Influence or Elder Abuse: Double Damages
04-06-03 Appeals: Use of Informal Motion to Correct Presentence Credits
05-01-03 Real Property Contracts: Bold-Face Type For Mandatory Mediation Clauses
06-05-03 Elections: Provision of Ballots
07-01-03 Securitites Law: Filing of Consent to Service by Limited Liability Corporations and Partnerships
07-03-03 Securities Fraud Actions: Discretionary Award of Attorney's Fees
07-06-03 Invention Development Services Contracts: Definition of Customer
08-01-03 Fiduciary Duty to Spouse: Prudent Investor Standard Inapplicable
08-02-03 Fiduciary Duty to Spouse: Prudent Investor Standard Inapplicable
09-04-03 Service: Express Mail or Overnight Courier
10-02-03 Unfair Labor Practices: Leave for Adoptive Parents
10-03-03 Sick Leave: Use for Pregnancy, Birth, or Adoption
11-02-03 Summary Judgment: 28 Day Notice
11-09-03 Undertakings: Requiring Two Independently Sufficient Surety Pools
11-11-03 Administrative Courts: Stay of Proceedings When Other Civil Case Pending