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2003 Resolutions


Conference of California Bar Associations

2003 Resolutions

Non Legislative



01-15-03 Costs of Suit: Determination of Awards of Attorney's Fees
02-03-03 Definition of "Tribunal": Rules of Professional Conduct
02-04-03 Definition of "Tribunal": Substitution of Attorney After Sale of Practice
02-05-03 Definition of "Tribunal": Disciplinary Proceedings
02-06-03 Definition of "Tribunal": Attorney Advice to Client Regarding Ruling
02-07-03 Definition of "Tribunal": Withdrawal from Representation
02-08-03 Definition of "Tribunal": Prohibition Against Giving Things of Value
02-09-03 Definition of "Tribunal": Prohibition Against Advising a Client To Leave Jurisdiction
02-10-03 Definition of "Tribunal": Prohibition Against Misleading Conduct
04-01-03 Death Penalty: Establishing California Commission to Investigate
06-07-03 Civil Rights: Immigration of Permanent Partners
06-18-03 War on Terrorism: Protection of Civil Liberties
09-01-03 Trials: Setting Trial Dates After Case Mangement Conferen
09-02-03 Service: By Facsimile
09-05-03 Judicial Council Forms: Inclusion of Space for Name and Address of Person Preparing Form
11-10-03 Civil Jury Instructions: Believability of Witness
ELF-02-03 Emergency Late File 02-03