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2003 Resolutions


Conference of California Bar Associations

2003 Resolutions




01-03-03 Consumer Records Subpoenas: Time Limits
01-05-03 Discovery: Limiting Scope of Questioning During Physical Examination
01-07-03 Requests for Admission: Service of Supplemental Requests
02-14-03 Committee of Bar Examiners: Law School Deans
03-07-03 Conservators: Statutory Fees Schedule
03-09-03 Power of Attorney: Reliance on Un-notarized Signature
04-09-03 Public Nuisance: Municipal Ordinances and Constitutionally Protected Activity
05-04-03 Insurance Contracts Relating to Construction: Retention
06-04-03 Joint Powers Agencies: Responsibility for Debts
06-06-03 Civil Rights: Allow Greater City and County Protections
06-12-03 Uninsured Motorist Insurance: Statute of Limitations for Suits Against Carrier
06-13-03 Uninsured Motorist Insurance: Notice to Plaintiff's Insurer of Bodily Injury Suit
07-09-03 Invention Development Services Contracts: Statute of Limitations
07-11-03 Out of Court Betting Authority: Establishment Of
08-03-03 Marriage: "Between Two Persons"
08-07-03 Work Applications: Increase Number Where Parent Ordered to Seek Work
08-10-03 Dissolutions: Collaberative Law Act
09-06-03 Courts: On-line Availability of Judicial Council Forms
10-01-03 Unemployment Benefits: Disqualification for Sexual Harassment
11-04-03 Orders Shortening Time: Criteria for Issuance
11-05-03 Staying Enforcement of Judgments or Orders: Good Cause Standard
11-06-03 Stay Pending Appeal: Requiring Judgment Creditor to Post Bond
11-08-03 Levy on Writ of Attachment: Service on Any Office or Branch
11-13-03 Medical Malpractice: Relief from Mandatory Arbitration
11-14-03 Demurrer: Conversion to Motion For Summary Judgment or Immediate Trial
LF-01-03 State Budget: Bipartisan Compromise