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2004 Resolutions


Conference of California Bar Associations

2004 Resolutions

Cateogory 2




Misdemeanor Diversion:  Statewide Application

01-02-04 Insurance: Discrimination by Insurers Between Civil Marriage and Domestic Partnership [Amended]
01-04-04 Group Health Insurance: Continuation Coverage for Domestic Partners
02-02-04 Private Solar & Wind Energy Producers:  Mandatory Payment
02-05-04 Landlord and Tenant: Waiver of Claim to Security Deposit
03-02-04 Drug Treatment Program:  Eligibility Of Person Arrested for DUI
03-03-04 Deferred Entry of Judgment: Arrest for Driving under the Influence
03-10-04 Topless Sunbathing at State Beaches
03-12-04 Law Enforcement Officer Personnel Records: Procedure for Obtaining Complaints
03-13-04 Parole Consideration for Minors
04-01-04 Preparation for Trial: Motion To Compel Trial Documents After Objection [Amended]
04-03-04 Discovery:  Designation of Persons Most Knowledgeable
04-05-04 Civil Procedure: Subpoenas for Documents in Foreign Actrions
05-02-04 Unemployment Insurance: Pro Rata Payment for Availability
05-05-04 Talent Agency Bond: Increase
07-01-04 Corporations:  Telephonic Shareholder Meetings [Amended]
07-04-04 Securities:  Requirement of Customer Signature on Investment Objectives
08-02-04 Levy Upon Deposit Account: Particular Branch or Office Not Required
08-03-04 Lis Pendens:  Notice of Withdrawal by Attorney
08-04-04 Punitive Damages:  Service of Statement
08-07-04 Administrative Proceedings:  Award of Fees
08-08-04 Judicial Review of Administrative Proceedings: Limitation on Attorneys’ Fees
08-09-04 Subpoenas: Service On Persons Living In Gated Communities
08-12-04 Substituted Service: Residents of Gated Communities
08-17-04 Pleading: Petition to Compel Arbitration in Lieu of Responsive Pleading
10-04-04 Non-lawyers Exempt from Required Registration as Legal Document Preparers: Identification
11-09-04 Notary Public Commissions: Examinations