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2004 Resolutions


Conference of California Bar Associations

2004 Resolutions

Cateogory 3




Requests for Admissions: Service of Supplemental Requests

04-09-04 Discovery:  Sanctions for Failure to Respond to Interrogatories [Amended]
04-10-04 Discovery:  Sanctions for Failure to Respond to Inspection Demand
06-02-04 Marriage: Authority of Administrative Law Judges to Solemnize Marriages
06-03-04 Attorney’s fees: Treat attorney’s fees of child’s attorney as "additional child support" [Amended]
07-02-04 Consumer Sales:  Service of Process on Designated Agent [Amended]
07-05-04 Consumer Contracts: Prohibition of Pre-dispute Arbitration Clauses in Consumer Contracts
07-06-04 Corporate Shares: Rights of Shareholders on Redemption
08-01-04 Real Property:  Lis Pendens Recording and Expungement [Amended]
08-05-04 Sanctions:  Not Applicable to Advocacy Before the Court
09-04-05 Property of a Settlor: Discovery