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2004 Resolutions


Conference of California Bar Associations

2004 Resolutions

Non Legislative




Habeas Corpus:  Conform Rules of Court to Penal Code

08-13-04 Memorandum of Costs: Attorneys Fees
10-01-04 CCBA Procedure: Inclusion on Spreadsheet Showing Association Positions
11-01-04 US Constitutional Violations: Investigation of Bush Administration [Amended]
11-12-04 State Bar Resolution: Support of the Judiciary in the State Court Funding Crisis
12-01-04 Amicus Curiae Applications in Court of Appeal: Contents of Application [Amended]
12-03-04 Notice of Appeal in Criminal Matters:  Certificate of Probable Cause
12-04-04 Criminal Appeal: Form of the Notice
ELF-1 Violations of the Law: Proposal for Investigation of Bush Administration for Violating Convention Against Torture, International Treaties, and Federal Statutes