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2005 Resolutions


Conference of California Bar Associations

2005 Resolutions

Cateogory 2



Community Property: Domestic Partner Rights
Support Orders: Inclusion of Earnings Assignment Order
Assignment Order: Priority of Support, Arrearages and Attorney's Fees
Family Law: Issuance of Assignment Order
Family Law: Qualifications and Immunity for Minor's Counse [Amended]
Spousal Support: Termination of Child Support as Change of Circumstances
Family Law: Collaborative Guidelines and Procedures
Employment Records: Copying of Personnel Files by Employees
Employment Records: Copying Personnel Files By Employees [Amended]
Employment Contracts: Covenants not to Compete [Amended]
Medical Malpractice: Increase MICRA Cap
Plant Quarantine Provisions: Enforcement of Civil Penalty Judgments
Summary Judgment: Preservation of Evidentiary Objections [Amended]
Decedent's Estates: Clarification of Time for Filing Action [Amended]
Decedent's Estates: Time Period for Filing of Action to Enforce Claim to Distribution [Amended]
Probate: Gifts to Relatives of Spouse
Probate: Gifts to Relatives of Domestic Partner
Attorney-Client Privilege: Representation of Government Organizations
Murder: Defense of Duress
Bail: Requesting Increase in Bail; Consideration of Defendant's Wealth
Bail: Failure to Comply with Statute Constitutes Abuse of Discretion
Bail: When Increases Raise the Rebuttable Presumption of Excessiveness
Bail: Consideration of Defendant's Wealth in Setting Bail
Juvenile Court: Access to Records by District Appellate Projects
Diet Pills: Regulation of Sale To Minors
Tolling Statute of Limitations: Exploitation of Children and Secret Videotaping
Peremptory Challenge: Availability After Reversal on Appeal [Amended]
Common Interest Development: Enforcement of Statutes
Land Use Planning: Adds non-recreational camping to the land use element of a city's general plan
Land Use Planning: Adds non-recreational camping to the land use element of a city's general plan [Amended]
Subdivision Map Act: Exemption of Transfers into Trusts
Orders of Examination: Tolling of Lien During Bankruptcy
Discovery: Limits on Special Interrogatories
Discovery: Privilege Log for Response to Inspection Demand [Amended]
Arbitration Hearings: Issuance of Subpoenas by Attorneys [Amended]
New Trial Motion: When to File [Amended]