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2005 Resolutions


Conference of California Bar Associations

2005 Resolutions




Elder Abuse: Recovery of Attorney's Fees
Involuntary Commitment: Authority of Agent or Conservator
Employment and Housing Discrimination: Attorney Fees
Anti-SLAPP Motions: Amendment to Attorney's Fee Provisions
Conservatorships: Placement of Conservatee in a Mental Health Facility
Health Care: Limited Involuntary Mental Health Placement of Principal by Agent
Advance Health Care Directives: Involuntary Placement in Mental Health Facility
Dementia Conservatorships: Emergency Authority of Conservator
Germaneness: Allowing Conference Activity Involving Individual Officeholders
Commercial and Industrial Property: Reassessment Required
Urban Renewal: Redefines Economic Blight
Venue: CEQA Actions [Amended]
Bad Faith: Awarding Attorney's Fees In Frivolous Litigation
Attorney's Fees: Award In Frivolous Litigation
Civil Procedure: Shortened Time for Expert Exchange and Disclosure