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2005 Resolutions


Conference of California Bar Associations

2005 Resolutions




Custody/Visitation of Children: Amended Judicial Council Forms
Child Custody/Visitation: Amendment of Judicial Council Forms
Child Custody and Visitation: Family Court Services
Family Law: Collaborative Guidelines and Procedures
Support: Post-Judgment Support Corrections
Structural Pest Control Act: Citations Regarding Personal Protective Equipment
Talent Agency Licensing: Limited Attorney Exemption
Minimum Wage: Restrictions on Lodging Credits
Medical Malpractice: Increase MICRA Cap
Elections: Selection of Presidential Electors
Pleadings: Sanctions for Bad Faith Amendment After Meet and Confer
Statutes of Limitations: Equitable Tolling of Limitations Period for Legal Malpractice
Summary Judgment: Timing of Filing Motions for Summary Judgment
Summary Judgment: Filing Deadlines for Opposition and Reply Papers
Conservators: Psychotropic Medications
Conservator: Geographic Restrictions on Appointment
Probate: Transfer of Real Property on Death
Probate: Order Confirming Sale of Real Property
Conference of Delegates: Germaneness Appeals
Government Attorneys: Limited Disclosure of Improper Activities
Motor Vehicles: Online Traffic Violator Schools
Motor Vehicles: Traffic Violator Schools
Trademark Law: Adoption of Updated Model Trademark Bill
Appellate Opinions: Citation to Unpublished Opinions
Civil Law and Motion: Setting of Oral Argument Hearings
Discovery: Limits on Depositions
Offers of Compromise: Relief for Drafting Errors
Production of Documents: Notice to Consumer
Discovery: Place of Deposition of Plaintiff or Cross-complaintant
Production of Documents: Notice to Employee