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2014-15 Conference Schedule Announced

CCBA today announced the release of its 2014-15 calendar, including key dates in preparation for next year’s Conference of Delegates. Among the highlights:

Initial deadline for submission of resolutions: March 6, 2015

Legislative Day in Sacramento: March 9, 2015

Preliminary package of resolutions posted for public access: April 10, 2015

Final resolutions package with reports posted for public access: August 10, 2015

2015 Conference of Delegates: October 9 – 11, 2015 in Anaheim, CA.

For more details, please consult the full published schedule below.

Download (PDF, 59KB)

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Highlights of the 2014 Conference

CCBA 2014-5271
CCBA 2014-5272
CCBA 2014-5274
CCBA 2014-5289
CCBA 2014-5291
CCBA 2014-5298
CCBA 2014-5299
CCBA 2014-5302
CCBA 2014-5303
CCBA 2014-5304
CCBA 2014-5305
CCBA 2014-5308
CCBA 2014-5314
CCBA 2014-5316
CCBA 2014-5317
CCBA 2014-5319
CCBA 2014-5321
CCBA 2014-5325
CCBA 2014-5326
CCBA 2014-5328
CCBA 2014-5329
CCBA 2014-5331
CCBA 2014-5333
CCBA 2014-5336
CCBA 2014-5338
CCBA 2014-5340
CCBA 2014-5343
CCBA 2014-5345
CCBA 2014-5347
CCBA 2014-5354
CCBA 2014-5357
CCBA 2014-5358
CCBA 2014-5359
CCBA 2014-5360
CCBA 2014-5361
CCBA 2014-5363
CCBA 2014-5365
CCBA 2014-5366
CCBA 2014-5367
CCBA 2014-5370
CCBA 2014-5371
CCBA 2014-5372
CCBA 2014-5374
CCBA 2014-5380
CCBA 2014-5381
CCBA 2014-5383
CCBA 2014-5384
CCBA 2014-5386
CCBA 2014-5387
CCBA 2014-5388
CCBA 2014-5390
CCBA 2014-5393
CCBA 2014-5395
CCBA 2014-5398
CCBA 2014-5402
CCBA 2014-5269
CCBA 2014-5270

Photos courtesy of and © 2014 their respective photographer listed below. For specific photo credit please contact

  • Darin Wessel
  • Duncan Crabtree-Ireland

Conference Lobbying Form

For all resolutions approved in principle or approved as amended, proponents must complete applications for lobbying in order for the resolutions to be considered for inclusion in the CCBA legislative program.  As in previous years, the lobbying form must be completed in an online form, available at the following link:

A separate application must be completed for each resolution. You may want to bookmark the link above, if you will be completing more than one lobbying form.

Delegation Positions Spreadsheet Published; New Delegate Orientation Reminder: 12:30pm Friday

The Delegation Positions spreadsheet (“the spreadsheet”) is displayed in the window below and can be downloaded as a PDF file from the link below the window. Although we will have some copies available to share at the Conference, please take a moment to download and/or print your own for quick and convenient reference. 

Download (PDF, 96KB)

For new delegates or anyone who needs a refresher on floor procedure, the New Delegate Orientation will be presented at 12:30pm on Friday on the Conference floor in Grand Hall A at the Hyatt. 

The March In will begin at 1:30pm on Friday with the call to order thereafter at 2pm. Delegation Chairs – if you haven’t submitted your march in musical choice, please do it now! Use the online form!

And if by some chance you haven’t registered yet, online registration for the 2014 Conference of Delegates will close tomorrow, Thursday, September 11 at noon PDT — register online now and save $35 over the on-site registration cost. For more information, please see our registration page.

See you Friday in San Diego!