Updated Resolutions Package Posted – Additional Resolution in Series 8

Due to the inadvertent omission of Resolution 08-11-2015, revised files have been posted for the Series 8 resolutions and for the combined resolutions package. No other series are affected. Delegations and delegates are encouraged to download the revised files for “All Resolutions” and “Series 8″ from the Resolutions page Our apologies for any inconvenience.

2015 Resolutions Posted

The 2015 Conference resolutions package has been posted on the CCBA website. Delegations and delegates have 99 resolutions to consider in 12 series across a variety of subject matter areas.

Resolutions can be downloaded as a single PDF file, bookmarked by series, or as separate PDF files for each series.

Delegations are reminded that Monday, May 18 is the deadline for submission of any counterarguments. Counterarguments may be submitted by email to the Resolutions Committee at  resolutions@calconference (dot) org.

2014-15 Conference Schedule Announced

CCBA today announced the release of its 2014-15 calendar, including key dates in preparation for next year’s Conference of Delegates. Among the highlights:

Initial deadline for submission of resolutions: March 6, 2015

Legislative Day in Sacramento: March 9, 2015

Preliminary package of resolutions posted for public access: April 10, 2015

Final resolutions package with reports posted for public access: August 10, 2015

2015 Conference of Delegates: October 9 – 11, 2015 in Anaheim, CA.

For more details, please consult the full published schedule below.

Download (PDF, 59KB)

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Highlights of the 2014 Conference

CCBA 2014-5271
CCBA 2014-5272
CCBA 2014-5274
CCBA 2014-5289
CCBA 2014-5291
CCBA 2014-5298
CCBA 2014-5299
CCBA 2014-5302
CCBA 2014-5303
CCBA 2014-5304
CCBA 2014-5305
CCBA 2014-5308
CCBA 2014-5314
CCBA 2014-5316
CCBA 2014-5317
CCBA 2014-5319
CCBA 2014-5321
CCBA 2014-5325
CCBA 2014-5326
CCBA 2014-5328
CCBA 2014-5329
CCBA 2014-5331
CCBA 2014-5333
CCBA 2014-5336
CCBA 2014-5338
CCBA 2014-5340
CCBA 2014-5343
CCBA 2014-5345
CCBA 2014-5347
CCBA 2014-5354
CCBA 2014-5357
CCBA 2014-5358
CCBA 2014-5359
CCBA 2014-5360
CCBA 2014-5361
CCBA 2014-5363
CCBA 2014-5365
CCBA 2014-5366
CCBA 2014-5367
CCBA 2014-5370
CCBA 2014-5371
CCBA 2014-5372
CCBA 2014-5374
CCBA 2014-5380
CCBA 2014-5381
CCBA 2014-5383
CCBA 2014-5384
CCBA 2014-5386
CCBA 2014-5387
CCBA 2014-5388
CCBA 2014-5390
CCBA 2014-5393
CCBA 2014-5395
CCBA 2014-5398
CCBA 2014-5402
CCBA 2014-5269
CCBA 2014-5270

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Resolution Submission Deadline Extended to March 15.

CCBA is in the early stages of a two-year process to upgrade and enhance our technology infrastructure. One piece of that infrastructure is our resolution submission process, which, for technical reasons, will be slightly different this year.

To accommodate that reality and provide some additional time for submissions to be prepared, the deadline for resolutions to be submitted is extended to Sunday, March 15, 2015. For more details on the process and to submit your resolutions, check out our submissions page.

The publishing of submitted resolutions on the website will also be extended to April 19, 2015.