2016 Resolutions

The official package of resolutions submitted for consideration at the 2016 Conference of Delegates can be downloaded below. Series assignment and resolution numbering is now final, except for emergency late filed resolutions that may be submitted later. 

Resolutions are provided in two formats: one batch file containing all resolutions in sequence, and separate batch files by series.

All files are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing. (Right-click links to download files, clicking on link will open files in browser for viewing.)

The Resolutions Committee reserves the right to correct formatting of the resolutions prior to the Conference, and any updates will be posted. 

All Resolutions with ResCom Reports

Series 1 – Criminal Law I

Series 2 and LF-01 – Labor & Employment

Series 3 – Family Law

Series 4 – Civil Procedure I

Series 5 – Miscellaneous

Series 6 – Probate

Series 7 – Criminal Law II

Series 8 – Civil Procedure II

Series 9 – Business & Corporations

Series 10 – Education

Series 11 – Courts & Government

Series 12 – Property & Landlord-Tenant