2017 Conference is Set!


Happy 2017.

These are exciting times for the CCBA.  At the close of last year’s conference, the last news announced was that the State Bar canceled the Annual Meeting.  While this is a departure from some 75 years of history, it also presents opportunities for the Conference.

First, the 2017 Conference is on.  The Conference will be held October 6-8 in Sacramento.  We anticipate incorporating the receptions of recent events, will make hospitality suites available to local bar associations, and this year, we will offer MCLE.

And we are moving forward.  Under the leadership of Past Chair Jack Osborn, our Plan B Committee is reaching out to other participants of the Annual Meeting to join us in this or future years, to build a structure for determining the location of future meetings to potentially include parts of the state that might not have been accessible to the State Bar.  Your Board of Directors has been working hard to put this together outside of the umbrella of the State Bar; the efforts of the board members are commendable.  In particular, Chair-elect Phyllis Kupferstein, went way above and beyond in lining up the hotel for the current stay.

In the process of researching a new direction, we uncovered opportunities that are  both exciting and limitless.  The possibilities of where, with whom and just how much we grow in future years just cannot be overstated.  These are amazing times.

As we are holding the Conference a bit later than the Annual Meeting had been scheduled, the Deadline for Proponents to Submit Resolutions will be March 1, 2017.  The resolutions should be available on the website by April 3, 2017.  We will soon update the website with the calendar for next year.

As future developments take place, look forward to future emails and an updated webpage to pass along what is increasingly looking to be good news.

Jeff Hayden

2016-17 Chair Conference of California Bar Associations

(650) 743-6701