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Letter from the Chair


Conference of California Bar Associations

February 17, 2010

Dear Delegates:

I am pleased to introduce the inaugural “Letter from the Chair,” which will become a permanent feature of our organization’s communication with its delegates, supporters, and constituents. This first issue will look at what the Board discussed at its winter meeting in Los Angeles on Saturday February 6.

1. Road Ahead: As you know, the Board made a decision to host a 2010 Conference concurrently with the 2010 State Bar Annual Meeting in Monterey in keeping with our deep commitment to open and civil debate. You may also know that CCBA is currently facing a fiscal crisis that will, if unaddressed, compromise our ability to stage conferences beyond this year. Under the status quo -- without the ability to independently generate income -- the CCBA will deplete its reserves in 2011. Thus, as a Board, we must look at every means to continue the CCBA’s operations in 2011 and beyond, and we have formed a committee to study and make recommendations on that issue.

2. Open Dialogue: We are encouraged by the passion which all speakers have brought to the table regarding the direction of the CCBA. In order to succeed, we need to continue engagement and dialogue in good faith. We will continue to communicate and involve the delegates in this crucial time for our Conference. Despite any missteps in the past, real or perceived, everyone should be confident that we are listening to the diverse viewpoints and will do our best to hear everyone who is trying to be involved in the process.

3. Support for Executive Director: At the last meeting, the Board passed a resolution to express its total confidence in and support for our Executive Director, who works under the direction of the Board. We wish to express our deep appreciation of Laura Goldin’s extraordinary dedication to the Board and the Conference. We look forward to all delegates, delegations, and delegation staff working collegially with the CCBA Office, Board and Staff, as they have in the past.

4. Support for CCBA: We take this opportunity to remind you that your financial support and active participation in making the Monterey Conference a success is crucial to ensure that there will be conferences in the future. If you are able, please give more than the requested $35.00 in the dues statement and mail that directly to the Conference Office at 3450 Sacramento Street, Suite 521, San Francisco, California, 94118.

I look forward to communicating regularly with all of you and sharing with you the work that is being accomplished to improve and grow the Conference of California Bar Associations.

Lilys D. McCoy, Chair
Conference of California Bar Associations