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Letter from the Chair


Conference of California Bar Associations

July 7, 2010

2010 Resolutions Committee Meeting

As I write this, the CCBA Resolutions Committee is at its annual three-day meeting earnestly debating each resolution and discussing how to write the best reports possible. Each member of the Resolutions Committee impresses me with their diligence and sincere efforts on behalf of the Conference.

Watching these colleagues share from deep legal acumen honed over 10, 20, 30 years of practice, I am reminded that there is no organization in California that does what we do better. The drafting, analysis, and debate of improvements to the law is something that we've perfected over our 75 years. Even in difficult economic times, we mustn't lose sight of our uniquely excellent contribution to the California legal community.

2010 Legislative Program

Our legislative program continues apace. Our lobbyist, Larry Doyle, has found homes for many 2009 resolutions. Details on those placements can be found here. We update the lobbying report frequently, so be sure to check the above-referenced link regularly.

2010 Lobby Day

Lobby Day 2010

CCBA Board members participate in CCBA Lobbying Day

Delegates from up and down the state met in Sacramento on May 19 for CCBA's lobby day. We started the day at Maggie Grover's office for continental breakfast and training. (Thanks to KMTG for their hospitality.)

We then went to the Administrative Offices of the Court, where we heard a presentation about the status of the budget crisis and its effect on the administration of justice.

We then embarked on our scheduled legislative visits. The legislators and their staff were very positive about working with the CCBA on its resolutions. After lunch, we heard from Assemblyman Mike Feuer. As a lawyer, Assemblyman Feuer stated that he appreciates how valuable the work of the Conference can be to legislators. Feuer said, "There's a lot we can do together. The state is in a terrible crisis. Without your intellectual horsepower, we'll suffer more than we have to."

Assemblyman Feuer also made an important point about Judiciary Omnibus bills and the fact that many resolutions will find support if they can be included in those bills. Feuer stated, "The Conference of Delegates and Judiciary Omnibus bill are made for each other."

The day ended with a well-attended Pfeiffer Event. At least 50 people gathered at Spataro Restaurant in Sacramento, to honor former Conference Chair and Pfeiffer award-recipient Jay-Allen Eisen. Jay-Allen spoke about how meaningful the Conference has been to him in his career and how it allowed him to get his hands on the "gears and levers" of the law, just as he had hoped when he was in law school.

Futures Report

We've received several comments on the Futures Report. The Board and the Futures Committee appreciates the time, effort, and thoughtfulness that went into the comments. The Board will be considering them at the July Board meeting. The members of the Futures Committee have been generous with their time and more than diligent in preparing the Futures Report. I appreciate all that they have done and I am glad for the sincere interest of the delegates in this important work.

I hope that everyone has a great summer!

With best regards,

Lilys D. McCoy
2010 Chair