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» August 2008

A lot has happened since our last issue . . . and a lot is happening now:

2008 Resolutions

If you haven’t found them yet, we’ve posted the 2008 Resolutions in their final form. They can be found here. By the way, one resolution had a mistake in a report so it has been reposted. That resolution is 10-09-2008. The reposting was last week.

Conference Registration

We are actively preparing for the upcoming Conference. Have you registered yet? As in the past, registration is through the State Bar of California. On line registration is found here. Be sure to register as a DELEGATE.

Law Student Delegates

There have been numerous inquiries concerning law student delegates. We have just amended the rules to confirm the action of last year’s Conference advising that it supported the concept of law student delegates. We will be posting the amended rule shortly. And, of course, it will be included in the Resource Directory to be distributed at this year’s Conference.

Resource Directory Submissions

Have you submitted your paperwork to be included in the Resource Directory. People who listed in the 2007 Resource Directory report that their CCBA colleagues had a simple method to locate them and it was a great business tool. There are two ways to be included.

  1. Sponsorship gets you a full page in the Directory, your logo and a link on our website plus sponsors are prominently featured at the Conference. More information and the sponsorship forms can be found here.
  2. Alternatively, individual lawyers might prefer to list in the Directory. The link to that information and forms are here.

Certification Forms

Some delegations have not yet provided our offices with certification forms. While these forms may seem to be a bother, they help us to know which organizations are sending delegations, the size of the association and contact information for the delegation chair and/or permanent contact. Please take the time to be sure we have that information by completing and submitting the form.

CDCDA Conference Floor

Delegate Numbers

A number of you have inquired about number of delegates your organization can send in 2008. The answer is we are still working on maximizing the seating at the Monterey Hyatt and do not have final numbers. It is reasonable to assume that you will be allocated approximately the same number as in 2007. Keep in mind that while the number of seated delegates is limited, you may bring as many alternates as are interested in participating in the Conference. The only limitation is the number of votes each delegation gets.

Submit Your Callups & Positions

Delegation chairs and support staff should be sure to submit spreadsheets and call-ups as early as possible. The sooner we get this information, the sooner we can make the information public. Forms are available here.

Operations Committee Openings

We still have a few vacancies on the Conference Operations Committee. Interested in serving? Contact Laura Goldin at

Paper Copies & CDS

Do you want or need either a paper copy of the resolutions or a cd which includes all the resolutions? Please let Laura Goldin know.

Conference Reception

As has become a tradition, the Conference will be hosting a reception on Friday, September 26, 2008, following adjournment that day.

We are looking forward to seeing you all in Monterey on Friday, September 26, 2008 for an exciting Conference. Please help us make it even more successful by sending in your sponsorship or directory listings.

Conference Technology

We expect to have a few computers available for delegates use to access the Conference Application (the site for call-ups, withdrawals, etcetera) and to allow delegates to complete and submit their Applications for Lobbying and other Conference related activities. We also expect to have wireless internet access. We can provide some power to delegation tables; however, we must pass this cost on. If your delegation will require power supply at your table, please advise execdir@cdcba.organd we will let you know the associated cost.