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2006 Resolutions


Conference of California Bar Associations

2006 Resolutions Information

Using the navigation on the left column of this page, you will find links to all 2006 Resolutions as re-categorized post-conference. To download a spreadsheet showing Final Actions (inc. Code Sections) on all Resolutions, click here.

Legislative Action

CCBA Rules provide that resolutions calling for state legislative action are made a part of the legislative program. The CCBA Board determines the level of support available for each of these resolutions based upon a number of factors, including, but not limited to: the importance and impact of the resolution on the legal profession and on the administration of justice; the importance and impact of the resolution on the public generally; the resolution's "legislative reality," including the likelihood of success within the legislative process; the level of support for the resolution within the Conference; and, the CCBA's legislative budget and the number of resolutions that the CCBA's legislative advocates can carry in light of the budget.

Level of Support

As soon as the Board is able to determine the level of support available to each resolution, the proponent will be notified. If a resolution becomes a legislative bill, or other action is taken, a link to the action will be provided here.

Non-Legislative Resolutions

For non-legislative resolutions, CCBA makes every effort to notify the appropriate agency and recommend that the agency work with CCBA to implement the proposal. For resolutions calling for federal or congressional agency, the resolution is submitted to the appropriate agency, body or official to which the resolution is addressed with a letter of recommendation that the action called for by the resolution be adopted or undertaken.