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2008 Resolutions


Conference of California Bar Associations

2008 Resolutions

Code Sections Affected—By Number



Code Sections Affected

CCBA, State Bar & Legal Practice
01-01-2008 CCBA Rules: Review Process For Record Of Conference Actions CCBA Rules
01-02-2008 CCBA Rules: Legislative Policy Resolutions None
01-03-2008 State Bar Records: Option Not to Publish Retired Judges’ Addresses State Bar Rules, Rule 2.2
01-04-2008 CCBA Rules: Response to Requests for Position on Legislation CCBA Rules
01-05-2008 CCBA Rules: Childcare at Meeting of Conference of Delegates CCBA Rules
01-06-2008 Attorney Disqualification: Effect on Firm or Associate CA Rules of Professional Conduct 3-310(G)
Criminal & Vehicle
02-01-2008 Capital Appeals: Transfer of Review From Supreme Court to Courts of Appeal CA Constitution Article IV, Section 12
02-02-2008 Dogfighting: Additional Definitions, Crimes and Penalties Penal Code 597.5
02-03-2008 Finding of Factual Innocence: Extends Availability to the Wrongfully Convicted Penal Code 851.8
02-04-2008 Sex Offender Registration: Elimination of Certain Misdemeanors Penal Code 290
02-05-2008 Death Penalty: Elimination of Certain Special Circumstances Penal Code 190.2
02-06-2008 Prostitution: Legalization Penal Code 647(b), 647f, 315, 316, 266(h), 653.20, 653.22,
02-07-2008 Wrongfully Convicted: Right to Equal Access to Services
Penal Code 1203.8
02-08-2008 Juror Disqualification: Opposition to the Death Penalty CCP 229
02-09-2008 Marijuana and Concentrated Marijuana: Possession Offenses Reduced Health & Safety Code 11357
02-10-2008 Criminal Law: Crimes Against Humanity Penal Code 418
02-11-2008 Criminal Law: Include Crime of Genocide Penal Code 422.9
02-12-2008 Criminal Fines: Increase in Credit Per Day of Custody Penal Code 2900.5
02-13-2008 Child Pornography: Enhancement of Sentence for Amount of Unlawful Matter Penal Code 12022.96
02-14-2008 Automobile Dealers: Restrictions on Dealers Deciding Recreational Vehicle Disputes Vehicle Code 3050, 3050.7, 3066
02-15-2008 Criminal Law: Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Penal Code 599g
02-16-2008 Criminal Conspiracy: Repeal of Statute Penal Code 182
02-17-2008 Nonambulatory Livestock: Increased Penalties for Repeat Offense Penal Code 599f
02-18-2008 Corrections: Establishment of Sentencing Commission Penal Code 1171
02-19-2008 Misdemeanor Diversion: Statewide Application Penal Code 1001.2
02-20-2008 Animal Abuse: Enhancement of Penalties for Non-Canine Animal Fighting Penal Code 597a, 597b, 597c
02-21-2008 Death Penalty: Elimination Penal Code 37, 128, 190.2, 219, 4500 and MV 1672(a)
02-22-2008 Prisoner Rights: Maintenance of Hormone Replacement Therapy for Transgender Inmates Penal Code 2658
02-23-2008 Inmate Medical Care: Prescriptions, Hormone Therapy and Durable Medical Equipment Labor Code 218.5
02-24-2008 Criminal Law: Compensation for Wrongfully Convicted Persons Penal Code 4900-4906
Civil Procedure 2
03-01-2008 Waiver of Attorney-Client Privilege: Expands Scope of Waiver Evidence Code 912
03-02-2008 Civil Procedure: Venue Restrictions in Franchise Agreements Business and Professions Code 20040.5
03-03-2008 Code of Civil Procedure: Civil Action-Related Mediation CCP 1775, 1775.8, 1775.13, 1775.14
03-04-2008 Discovery: Automatic Discovery Sanctions Civil Discovery Act
03-05-2008 Consumer Notice: Applicable To All Production Requests CCP 1985.3
03-06-2008 Consumer Notice: Applicable to All Production Requests for Employee Records CCP 1985.6
03-07-2008 Evidentiary Privileges: Proceedings and Records of Attorney Peer Review Committees Evidence Code 1161
03-08-2008 Dispute Resolution Programs: Exclusion of District Attorneys’ Offices as Grantees Business and Professions Code 467.1
03-09-2008 Civil Discovery: Service of Deposition Notice CCP 2025.240
03-10-2008 Evidentiary Privileges: Communications Made as Part of a 12-Step Program Evidence Code 1034.5
03-11-2008 Consumer Records: Remedies for Improper Production CCP 1985.3
03-12-2008 Notice to Consumer: Expanding Definition of Consumer CCP 1985.3
03-13-2008 Employee Records: Remedies for Improper Production CCP 1985.6
03-14-2008 Accord and Satisfaction: Full Payment Checks Civil Code 1526
03-15-2008 Arbitration: Right to Appeal Order Compelling Arbitration CCP 1294
03-16-2008 Arbitration: Enforcement of Subpoenas CCP 1283.05
03-17-2008 Arbitration: Enforcement of Subpoenas CCP 1991
03-18-2008 Attorney Fee Awards: Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Interest CCP 1021.5
03-19-2008 Enforcement of Judgments: Amendment of Judgment CCP 670.5
03-20-2008 Enforcement of Judgments: Examination of Judgment Debtors and Third Parties CCP 708.110, 708.120, 708.130, 708.040
03-21-2008 Enforcement of Judgments: Foreclosure on Partnership Interests Corporations Code 16504, 17302
03-22-2008 Enforcement of Judgments: Service by Mail and Turnover Orders to Third Parties CCP 699.030
03-23-2008 Enforcement of Judgments: Levy on Revocable Trust Probate Code 18200, CCP 680.135
03-24-2008 Enforcement of Judgments: Liability of Third Persons CCP 684.115
03-25-2008 Enforcement of Judgments: Extension of Judgment Lien on Real Property CCP 683.180
03-26-2008 Enforcement of Judgments: Transfer of Judgment CCP 673
03-27-2008 Enforcement of Judgments: Bench Warrants for Failure to Appear CCP 708.170
Probate, Estate & Trusts
04-01-2008 Joint Tenancy: Restriction to Natural Persons Civil Code 683
04-02-2008 Probate: Jurisdiction for Elder Abuse Actions Welfare & Institutions Codes 15657.3
04-03-2008 Probate: Termination of Deposit of Estate Planning Documents Probate Code 732
04-04-2008 Probate: Civil Standard of Proof for Determining Felonious and Intentional Killing Probate Code 254
04-05-2008 Probate: Appointment of Temporary Trustee During Appeal of Probate Order Probate Code 1310
Business, Corporations & Tax
05-01-2008 Revenue and Tax Code: Tax Credits for Use of Public Transportation and Ridesharing Revenue & Tax Code 22000
05-02-2008 Corporations: Definition of “Conforms to Law” Corporations Code 109, 202, 401, 1103, 1110, 1113, 912, 1161
05-03-2008 Professional Corporations: Employee Stock Option Plan Trustees as Share Owners Corporations Code 13406, 13407
05-04-2008 Business & Professions Code: Funeral Services Interest Charges Business and Professions 7685
05-05-2008 Business & Professions Code: Funeral Services Interest Charges Business and Professions 7685.2
Courts/Rules of Court
06-01-2008 Small Claims Court: Attorney’s Fees on Appeal CCP 116.780
06-02-2008 Rules of Court: Service of Two-Sided Copies CA Rules of Court, Rule 2.102
06-03-2008 Rules of Court: Courtesy Copy to Court of Documents to be Judicially Noticed CA Rules of Court, Rule 3.1306
06-04-2008 Small Claims Services: Prohibit from County District Attorneys’ Offices CCP 116.940
06-05-2008 Withdrawn Calfornia Rules of Court, Rule 3.1306
06-06-2008 Rules of Court: Timely Filing by Overnight Delivery of Documents in Writ Proceedings. Calfornia Rules of Court, Rule 8.25
06-07-2008 Judicial Nominees: Mandatory Disclosure of Not Qualified Rating Government Code 12011.5
07-01-2008 Sex Equity in Education: Reporting Requirements. Education Code 253.1
07-02-2008 Legislators: Reform of Term Limits CA Constitution Article IV, Section 2
07-03-2008 Torture and Abuse: Enforcement of Prohibitions  
07-04-2008 Damages: Victims of Torture Civil Code 52.6
07-05-2008 Gender Identity: Change of Gender on Birth Certificate Health & Saftey Code 103425
Real Property
08-01-2008 Homeowner Associations: Notice Requirements for Disciplinary Proceedings Civil Code 1363
08-02-2008 California Solar Initiative: Energy Saving Requirements for New Construction Public Resources Code 25780
08-03-2008 California Solar Initiative: Energy Saving Requirements for New Fireplace Construction Public Resources Code 25786
08-04-2008 California Solar Initiative: Energy Saving Requirements for [Heated] Swimming Pools Public Resources Code 25787
08-05-2008 Real Property: Withdrawal of Condemned Property Deposited Funds CCP 1255.260
08-06-2008 Real Property: Mandatory Compliance with Subdivision Map Act Government Code 66499.30
08-07-2008 Real Property: Commercial Use Restrictions Civil Code 888.010, 888.020, 888.030, 888.040
08-08-2008 Real Property: Termination of Tenancy Notices On Foreclosed Property CCP 1161a
08-09-2008 Real Property: Right to Pay Disputed Sums Under Protest Civil Code 1365.1
08-10-2008 Real Property: Protections for Renters During Foreclosure Civil Code 2924
08-11-2008 Real Property: Release Upon Disclosure of Known Payments Civil Code 2941
Civil Procedure 1
09-01-2008 Summary Adjudication: Permitted on Different Theories of Liability CCP 437c
09-02-2008 Civil Procedure: Discretionary Attorney’s Fees for Successful SLAPP Defendant CCP 425.16
09-03-2008 Civil Procedure: Use of Complaint in Review of SLAPP Motion CCP 425.16
09-04-2008 Civil Procedure: Service of Opposition and Reply Papers in Law and Motion CCP 1005(c)
09-05-2008 Service of Documents: Sufficiency of Electronic Service CCP 1010.6
09-06-2008 Small Claims: Service on Insurer Civil Code 1360.6
09-07-2008 Summary Judgment: Reducing Notice Period CCP 437c
09-08-2008 Summary Judgment: Sanctions for Bad Faith Motions CCP 437c
09-09-2008 Summary Judgment: Bar on Repeated Motions CCP 437c
09-10-2008 Withdrawn  
09-11-2008 Class Action Waivers: Unenforceable in Consumer and Employment Contracts CCP 383
10-01-2008 Domestic Violence: Service of Domestic Violence Restraining Order Family Code 6384
10-02-2008 Adoption: Access to Confidential Adoption Records Family Code 9200
10-03-2008 Paternity: Extension of Time to Conduct DNA Testing Family Code 7646
10-04-2008 Child Support: Compromise on Arrears Family Code 17560
10-05-2008 Family Law: Interest Penalty for Breach of Fiduciary Duty Family Code 1101
10-06-2008 Family Law: Fee Collection from Opposite Sex Domestic Partner Registrants Family Code 298
10-07-2008 Marriage: Gender neutral terms Family Code 300, 301, 302, 403
10-08-2008 Family Law: Drug and Alcohol Testing Family Code 7645
10-09-2008 Family Law: Joint Petition to Establish Parental Relationship Penal Code 2656
10-10-2008 Family Law: Trial Court Jurisdiction re Visitation and Custody CCP 917.7
10-11-2008 Adoption: Mandatory Filing of Post-Adoption Agreements Family Code 8802
Business, Corp & Tax
11-01-2008 Civil Rights: Creation of Office of Equity within Department of Education Education Code 33309.1
11-02-2008 Civil Rights: Duties of the Office of Equity within Department of Education Education Code 33309.2
11-03-2008 Civil Rights: Medical Marijuana Patients in the Workplace Health & Safety Code 11362
11-04-2008 Due Process: Rights in Administrative Proceedings for UC Employees Government Code 8547.10
11-05-2008 Employment Law: Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Labor Code 233
11-06-2008 Labor Code: Restrictions on Lodging Credits Labor Code 1182.8
11-07-2008 Family Rights: Addition of “owner-employee” protected category under CFRA Labor Code 1182.8
11-08-2008 Labor Code: Attorney Fee Awards Family Code 3041.5
12-01-2008 Civil Rights: Fairness in Medical Coverage Provided to Transgendered Individuals Health & Saftey Code 1367.63-.66, 1367.666-7
12-02-2008 Insurance: Definitions in Policies Insurance Code 41