2010 Conference of California Bar Associations Final Actions
Resolution Title Final Action
Series 1:  Criminal & Vehicle
1/1/2010 Death Penalty:  Elimination Approved (AP)
1/2/2010 Marijuana:  Legalization, Regulation and Taxation Approved as Amended (AA)
1/3/2010 Criminal Procedure:  Statewide Application of Misdemeanor Diversion Approved (AP)
1/4/2010 Parole:  When Signs of Remorse Not Required Approved (AP)
1/5/2010 Criminal Procedure:  Continuance of Trial Within Statutory Time Approved (AP)
1/6/2010 Prostitution: Decriminalization Approved (AP)
1/7/2010 Prisoners Rights: Hormone Replacement Therapy for Transgender Inmates Approved as Amended (AA)
1/8/2010 Prisoners Rights: Prescriptions, Hormones and Medical Devices to Inmates Approved as Amended (AA)
1/9/2010 Criminal Law:  Increase Grand Theft Threshold from $400 to $950 Approved (AP)
1/10/2010 Criminal Procedure:  Eligibility to Participate in Proposition 36 Programs Before Trial Disapproved (D)
1/11/2010 Experts:  Appointment After Trial Approved (AP)
1/12/2010 Criminal Discovery: Work Product Exception Approved (AP)
1/13/2010 Criminal Law:  Procedures for Eyewitness Identifications Approved (AP)
Series 2: Insurance
2/1/2010 Insurance:  Revised Definition of Underinsured Motor Vehicle. Approved (AP)
2/2/2010 Insurance:  Establishes a Mechanism for Accessible and Affordable Healthcare Insurance Approved (AP)
Series 3: Family
3/1/2010 Adoption:  Reduction of Adoption Fees Paid to County Agency Approved (AP)
3/2/2010 Child Custody:  Jurisdiction Following the Death of a Parent Approved as Amended (AA)
3/3/2010 Domestic Partnerships:  Recognize Out-of State Legal Same-Sex Unions Approved (AP)
3/4/2010 Juvenile Dependency:  Periodic Report for Dependent Minor Parents Approved (AP)
3/5/2010 Juvenile Dependency: Additional Time for Dependent Minor Parents to Reunify Approved (AP)
3/6/2010 Support:  Time to Modify Spousal Support after Child Support Ends Approved (AP)
3/7/2010 Fiduciary Duties:  Interest as Penalty for Breach Approved (AP)
3/8/2010 Family Law:  Putative Spouse May Elect Community Property Division Approved (AP)
Series 4: Miscellaneous
4/1/2010 Attorneys Fees: Elimination of a Positive Multiplier to the Lodestar Approved (AP)
4/2/2010 Construction: Recording Notice of Commencement of Work Disapproved (D)
4/3/2010 Education:  Health Care to School Children Approved (AP)
4/4/2010 Sex Equity in Education:  Reporting Requirements Approved (AP)
4/5/2010 California Constitution: Prohibition Against Influencing Elections Disapproved (D)
4/6/2010 Health Care:  Coverage and Care for Gender Identity Disorder Approved as Amended (AA)
4/7/2010 Initiatives: Constitutional Amendment Barring Initiatives from Eliminating or Restricting Rights Approved (AP)
4/8/2010 International Treaties: Publicizing and Reporting Approved (AP)
4/9/2010 Elections: Limiting Financial Participation to Natural Born Persons Approved as Amended (AA)
4/10/2010 United States Constitution: Definition of Person and Persons Disapproved (D)
4/11/2010 Marijuana: States' Rights to Control Disapproved (D)
4/12/2010 Birth Certificate Modification: Changing Gender Without Surgical Requirement Approved (AP)
4/13/2010 Payday Lending: Fee Restrictions and Repayment Reforms Approved (AP)
4/14/2010 Legislative Obesity:  A Solution Action Unnecessary (AU)
Series 5: Civil Procedure 2
5/1/2010 Monitored Mortgage Workout Program Approved (AP)
5/2/2010 Oral Depositions: Attorney Conduct in Deposition Disapproved (D)
5/3/2010 Jury Instructions:  No Communication Through Social Media Approved (AP)
5/4/2010 Hearings on Applications for Default Judgments Withdrawn (W)
5/5/2010 California Disabled Persons Act: Attorneys Fees Provision Approved as Amended (AA)
5/6/2010 Mandatory Settlement Conferences:  Confidentiality of Proceedings Withdrawn (W)
Series 6: Probate, Estates & Trusts
6/1/2010 Conservatorships: Recommendation of Involuntary Treatment Approved as Amended (AA)
6/2/2010 Elder Abuse: Report Directly to District Attorney or Other Agencies Approved (AP)
6/3/2010 Wills & Trusts: Caregiver Withdrawn (W)
6/4/2010 Elder Abuse:  Double Damages Approved as Amended (AA)
6/5/2010 Probate: Order of Priority for Payment of Debts Disapproved (D)
6/6/2010 Probate: Multi-Party Accounts Approved (AP)
Series 7: Courts/Rules of Court
7/1/2010 Bankruptcy: Loss Mitigation Form Disapproved (D)
7/2/2010 Trial Court Funding Withdrawn (W)
7/3/2010 Criminal Law:  Stipulation To Extend Time To File Appellate Briefs Withdrawn (W)
7/4/2010 Judgment: Includes Order Issued Pursuant to Statement of Decision Approved (AP)
7/5/2010 Telephonic Appearances: Civil Proceedings Approved as Amended (AA)
7/6/2010 Electronic Filing of Court Papers: Elimination of Exhibit Tabs Approved (AP)
7/7/2010 Courts: Retention Elections Task Force Withdrawn (W)
Series 8: Labor/Workers' Compensation
8/1/2010 Labor Law: Personal Liability for Acts of Retaliation Disapproved (D)
8/2/2010 Labor Law: Paid Sick Leave Approved (AP)
Series 9: Business, Corporations & Tax
9/1/2010 Campaign Finance: Shareholder Consent and Disclosure of Corporate Contributions Action Unnecessary (AU)
9/2/2010 Corporate Political Expenditures: Modification to California Disclosure Act Approved as Amended (AA)
Series 10: Civil Procedure 1
10/1/2010 SLAPP Motions: Correcting Erroneous Cross-Reference Approved (AP)
10/2/2010 Peremptory Challenge: Automatic Right to Challenge After Successful Appeal Approved (AP)
10/3/2010 Motion for Summary Adjudication: Format of Separate Statement in Opposition Approved (AP)
Series 11: CCBA, State Bar & Legal Practice
11/1/2010 CCBA:  Communication of Conference Logistics, Status of Approved Resolutions Approved (AP)
11/2/2010 CCBA:  Removal of Directors Approved (AP)
11/3/2010 CCBA:  Election of Directors Refer to Board
11/4/2010 Legal Referral Services in Unlawful Detainer Actions Approved (AP)
11/5/2010 CCBA:  Limitations of Certain Actions to The Membership Refer to Board
11/6/2010 CCBA:  Voting Rights for Member Delegations Refer to Board
11/7/2010 CCBA:  Member Approval of Changes to Rules of Operation and Procedure Refer to Board
Series 12: Real Property
12/1/2010 Notice of Change of Ownership to Homeowners Associations Approved (AP)
12/2/2010 Commercial Property Tax: Revised Limits for Annual Reassessment Approved as Amended (AA)
12/3/2010 Right-of-Way Easement Maintenance: Deletion of Arbitration Requirement Withdrawn (W)
Late Filed Resolutions
LF-02-2010 Timing and Location of Conference: At the Same Time and Place as Annual State Bar Meeting With No Reduced State Bar Registration Rate Approved as Amended (AA)
LF-03-2010 Timing and Location of Conference: At the Same Time and Place as Annual Meeting On Condition Bar Agrees to Reduce its State Bar Registration Rate Disapproved (D)
LF-04-2010 Timing and Location of Conference: At the Same Time and Place as the Annual Meeting With One Extra Non-OverLapping Day With No Reduced State Bar Registration Rate Disapproved (D)
LF-05-2010 Timing and Location of Conference: At  the SameTime and Place as Annual Bar Meeting With One Extra Non Overlapping Day On the Condition the State Bar Reduces its Registration Rate Disapproved (D)
LF-06-2010 Timing and Location of Conference: At a Different Time and Place Than the Annual State Bar Meeting to Promote CCBA Legislative Program and Enhance  its Financial Resources Disapproved (D)
LF-07-2010 CCBA Structure and Funding: Individual and Organization Affiliate Dues Disapproved (D)
LF-08-2010 CCBA Structure and Funding: Only Individual Affiliate Dues Disapproved (D)
LF-09-2001 CCBA Structure and Funding: Only Organization Affiliate Dues Disapproved (D)
LF-10-2010 CCBA Structure and Funding: No Individual or Organizational Affiliate Dues; Voluntarily Funded Disapproved (D)
Emergency Late Filed Resolutions
ELF-01-2010 Emergency Late File: CCBA Board Structure: Principle of Representation Approved (AP)