Submitting a Resolution

So, you have a resolution to submit for consideration at the Conference of California Bar Associations?  That is GREAT!  Maybe you’ve done it many times before, or maybe you’re new to the process – whatever the case, please follow these instructions.


Please check the events calendar and the Conference Rules of Operation and Procedure relating to Late-Filed and Extremely-Late-Filed Resolutions.


Pursuant to Article II, Section 4, only certain people are eligible to submit a resolution:

Resolutions for consideration by the Conference may be filed by any Association entitled to certify delegates to the Conference, ten members of the State Bar, any Section of the State Bar, the Board of Directors of the CCBA, and any other party authorized by the Board of Directors of the CCBA. Each resolution submitted for consideration by the Conference shall have an Author and Permanent Contact who is eligible to serve as a delegate.


Resolutions will be submitted online and must be submitted separately.  Below are some key points to bear in mind when drafting the resolution. For specifics on all of the details to follow, please see the Guide to Proponents (

1)        You need to name and number your resolutions using THIS FORMAT:

Delegation initials – ## – 2018 (ex. SCBA – 02 – 2018)

2)         Please give your resolution a short title. The title must be 10 words or less.

3)         Along with a title, please create your own digest. Note that the digest must be 15 words or less.

4)     For the “Resolved” portion in the text of the resolution, be sure to tell us if you are adding, amending or repealing a statute.  If you do not intend to address a statute, be sure to tell us what the legislation will do (add/change/repeal a California Rule of Court, or a provision of the California Constitution, for example; or, your resolution may direct the California Congressional Delegation to do something, or may recommend action to the Board of Directors of the CCBA). For more specifics, see Section 4.4 of the Guide for Proponents.

5)     If you are amending or repealing a code section, follow the link to the California Code online.  Copy and paste the section(s) into your Word document, and then, using strikethroughs and underscores, show us the changes you’d like to make. For more specifics, see Section 4.5 of the Guide for Proponents.

6)         Remember that the entire code section or rule must be quoted, even if you are only adding/amending/deleting one part of it. In other words, even if you are only amending subsection (b)(1) of Civil Code section 827, subsections (a), (b)(2)-(3), and (c) all must be part of the text of the resolution. If you are only amending a small part of a statute of substantial length (the summary judgment statute (CCP § 437c), for example), and want to seek a waiver of this requirement, please send your resolution to with a description of what you are requesting (i.e., identify the sections being changed, and what sections you wish to omit from the resolution text). You must get a waiver in advance of your submission. Failure to do so will result in your resolution being returned to you to for corrections. See Section 4.5.6 of the Guide for Proponents.

7)     The statement of reasons must be 500 words or less, divided into two sections:

  • The Problem: Tell us what the problem is with the existing law (i.e., identify the nature, severity, and frequency of the undesirable consequences that result from existing law.).
  • The Solution: Tell us what your resolution does to address the Problem.

8)     Since 2013, we have asked you to provide us with information about any current or past legislation (bills introduced into the legislature) or resolutions on the topic of your resolutions.  If you don’t know, that’s OK, but please include anything you know or can find out.


At this point you have prepared a resolution using the approved format.  The process for submitting your resolution is the same as last year.

To start with, know that you will not be emailing your resolutions.  Rather, you will be submitting them online.  Go to the “Resolutions” menu item on the navigation bar, and click on the current year, for the details.

Next, once your delegation votes to approve which resolutions it is submitting, please name them following this format:

Delegation initials – ## – YYYY

So, for example, Sacramento’s resolutions will be numbered like this:

SCBA–01–2018, SCBA–02–2018, SCBA–03–2018, SCBA–04–2018, and so forth.

We look forward to seeing your resolution!